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Redefining Intelligent Video Surveillance

Hanwha Techwin - a subsidiary of Hanwha Corporation, one of the largest business conglomerates based in South Korea and a “FORTUNE Global 500” company - is a global leader in video surveillance solutions encompassing network and analogue cameras, video analytics, recording solutions and video management software.


Wisenet X PTZ Plus

65% lighter than most PTZ domes for easy & safe installation

Compact and approximately 65% lighter than most PTZ domes, the Wisenet X PTZ PLUS cameras can be quickly and easily deployed. AI-based object tracking, precise PTZ control, improved pre-set accuracy, adaptive IR illumination and enhanced cyber security are just a few of the many innovations which have been built into the new high definition Wisenet X PTZ PLUS


Just match 3 points and twist

Quickly and easily deployed, requiring engineers during a first fix to just ‘match 3 points and twist’. Simply tighten the screws without having to hold onto the camera.

1 terminal with 1 cable - easy cable connection

Unlike conventional PTZ cameras which require up to 5 separate cables, this camera only needs a single RJ45 cable to operate and this is installed with a flexible bush to ensure the camera is waterproof.

Evidence grade images of objects up to a distance of 200 metres

The PTZ PLUS is equipped with Wisenet7 SoC which supports exceptional image quality with resolution of up to 4K. 30x & 40x zoom lenses provide clear and vivid images suitable for forensic search applications.

Monitoring in complete darkness - up to a distance of 200 metres

Wisenet PTZ PLUS allows for monitoring in complete darkness up to 200meters with Wise IR. The amount of IR is optimised at every zoom ratio.

AI based auto tracking

Wisenet PTZ PLUS supports object (person or vehicle) auto tracking based on AI deep-learning algorithm. And by simply right-clicking on an object on the screen, it locks the object and tracks the targeted object (target-lock tracking).

Water removal

Wisenet PTZ PLUS uses built-in wiper to initially get rid of water or dust and then activates the heater on the lens to dry any remaining water.

Wisenet X PTZ Plus Product Lineup

Wisenet XNP-9300RW

4K 30x optical zoom PTZ camera

Wisenet XNP-8300RW

6MP 30x optical zoom PTZ camera

Wisenet XNP-6400RW

2MP 40x optical zoom PTZ camera



Wisenet Wave PoE NVR Series

The new Wisenet WAVE PoE NVRs introduced by Hanwha Techwin are designed to provide a cost-effective way for users to be able to take advantage of the highly popular Wisenet WAVE video management software (VMS), without having to install a server.


  • Preloaded with 4 WAVE Professional licenses to ensure quick and easy deployment with minimum setup time
  • Built-in PoE switch provides an installation time saving method of supplying power to connected cameras
  • Wisenet WAVE features an intuitive ‘drag & drop’ tool which makes it extremely easy for operators to set up a display of live and recorded images on a single screen or video wall
  • A wide range of Smart search options, including keyword, calendar and time-slice search, enable operators to quickly retrieve recorded video of specific incidents


  • Preloaded and configured with Wisenet WAVE video management system (Client & Server)
  • Includes minimum of 4 Wisenet WAVE Professional Licenses
  • 8/16 PoE+ camera ports with power budget of 100/200W
  • 80/150Mbps of recording throughput
  • 2/4 SATA HDD Bays with max of 12/24TB of internal storage
  • Supported by Wave client, mobile and Cloud Sync
  • HDMI/VGA outputs for configuration and basic monitoring
  • PoE port control & Alarm I/O supported
  • ONVIF camera compliant
  • Rack mountable (rack mount brackets included

Wisenet Wave PoE NVR Series Product Lineup








Wisenet7 Cameras

Excellence Through Innovation


Vivid 4K Resolution

Clear and vivid images in resolutions of up to 4K suitable for forensic search applications. Available within the 4K lineup, the F1.2 varifocal lens, is the brightest among 4K lenses.

Extreme WDR with Scene Analysis technology

The improved multi-frame WDR technology lets you take full advantage of image contrast to see detailed objects clearly, even in environments with strong backlight conditions.

Sharper images with Advanced Noise Reduction

Identify objects faster and easier, even in low-light environments. The Wisenet7 camera line’s enhanced noise reduction technology minimizes motion blur and image artefacts while increasing object sharpness and definition.

Enhanced Lens Distortion Correction

Wisenet7’s lens distortion correction technology produces natural-looking images without the distortion often created by conventional camera designs equipped with wide-angle lenses.

Next level Cyber security

Wisenet7 devices use our proprietary device certificate issuing system which embeds unique certificates into each product during the manufacturing process. Our security policies, including Secure Boot, Secure OS, Secure Storage, and our Secure Open Platform ensure product cybersecurity at each step of the way.

Modular structure for easy installation

Wisenet7 dome-style cameras use the proven modular design of our X series PLUS camera line to reduce installation time and costs.

Wisenet7 Product Lineup







Wisenet 4K AI Cameras

Filter out the confusion. Reduce False Alarms


False Alarms Reduction

Deep learning based algorithms support accurate object classification, allowing operators to simply discard waving trees, video noise, raining, moving shadow and irreverent objects (dog, plastic bag, etc).

Accurate object classification

Wisenet P series AI cameras differentiate what they see into broad categories such as ‘Person’, ‘Face’, ‘Vehicle’ and ‘Licence Plate’. Delving deeper, Wisenet AI algorithms are quickly and accurately able to identify key attributes of the objects which are stored as metadata alongside the video information.

BestShots for minimising storage and bandwidth requirements

The BestShot feature ensures that only the most suitable images of classified objects are sent, together with the associated metadata, to the storage server. Users have the option to set the image resolution at 2MP for full video streaming or use the BestShot feature to minimize bandwidth and storage requirements.


Occupancy Monitoring Application

Wisenet Occupancy Monitoring Application combines Wisenet P series AI cameras with people counting and edge-based AI video analytics, to accurately monitor occupancy levels.

Face Mask Detection

The attribute classification function of the Wisenet P series AI cameras enables quick and accurate detection of individuals not wearing or incorrectly wearing a face mask.

Retail Insight

Compare gender and age statistics across locations/times of day. Retailers can target marketing efforts at the demographic segments likely to visit in specified areas and times.

Available in version 2.1.

Wisenet P Series AI Cameras Lineup







PoE Extender Cameras

Minimising installation costs


Minimise installation costs

PoE extender cameras offer a cost- effective way to add a camera to an existing system or install a new two- camera video surveillance solution. By utilising loop in and out Ethernet connectivity, network switch port allocation is reduced and network cabling requirements are minimised. Benefits? Faster installation time and reduced end-user disruption.

Ultra Installer Friendly

Part of the Wisenet X Plus series, the PoE extender Cameras offer a number of other practical features which further minimises the time installers have to spend on-site, including magnets which lock sensor modules into the dome housing.

Advanced Audio and Video Analytics

The new cameras come supplied with a diverse range of license-free specialist analytics such as directional detection, virtual line, enter/exit, appear/disappear and loitering detection. In addition, an audio analysis function is able to recognise critical sounds, such as explosions, screams and broken glass.

Wisenet PoE Extender Cameras Lineup






Wisenet Public View Monitors

With built-in camera for easy installation

The new range of Wisenet Public View Monitors (PVM), which are equipped with a built-in SSL-connected 2MP camera, help retailers to deter fraudsters and shoplifters.


  • Designed to be located at store entrances, shopping aisles, till points or self-checkout pay points.
  • Built-in 2MP camera for easy installation – no need to install a PVM and a separate camera.
  • Default blinking “Recording in Progress” message to help retailers deter theft
  • Opportunity to display a slide show which can include supplier adverts, own-brand product promotions and special offers.
  • Age & Gender Analytics option available


  • SSL self-certifying PVM 
  • Open platform
  • EAS systems integration
  • ONVIF conformant
  • Available in 10”, 27” and 32”

Wisenet Public View Monitors Product Lineup


10” monitor, LED backlight 1024 x 600px


27” monitor, LED backlight, HDMI & Full HD


32” monitor, LED backlight, HDMI & Full HD

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