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Latest Innovations and Technologies
to help keep educational institutions safe

Martyn's Law and Legislation

The proposed bill will impose requirements on certain premises and events to increase their preparedness for and protection from a terrorist attack. While the impact of Martyn's Law on the education environment specifically would depend on the specific provisions of the law and how they are implemented, here are some potential impacts:

Increased Security Measures: Schools and educational institutions may need to implement stricter security measures, such as bag checks, metal detectors, or increased security personnel presence, to comply with the law's requirements.

Infrastructure Upgrades: Schools might need to invest in infrastructure upgrades to enhance security, such as installing security cameras, access control systems, or reinforced entry points.

Visitor Screening: There could be stricter protocols for screening visitors entering school premises, including parents, guests, and vendors. This might involve registration processes, identity verification, and background checks where applicable.

Access Control

ADI's inventory of access control products gives administrators and security personnel the means to manage their campus on every front. ADI offers entry and exit products for gated parking lots, keypads and readers for secure areas, and solutions like push-to-exit buttons, turnstiles and walk-through metal detectors for pedestrian traffic. Many ADI products can be integrated into centralised access management systems, allowing the educational institution to keep tabs on who is coming and going across the entire school.

Intrusion Detection and Lockdown Systems

Today, safety remains a paramount concern for schools and other educational institutions. In emergencies, such as unauthorised intruders, weapon-baring individuals or natural disasters, faster response times are crucial to minimising risks. Generally, motion and perimeter sensors, security sirens and strobes are crucial components of the security system, ensuring rapid detection and response. Lockdown systems incorporate PA systems with prerecorded messages and panic alarm systems, ensuring clear, audible, and visual communication throughout the premises during emergencies, effectively alerting staff and students with minimal disruption.


Whether it's a pre-school, college or university, fire safety is always of paramount importance. ADI's range of smoke and heat detectors, fire control panels, alarm pull stations, notification and voice evacuation solutions, alarm communicators, accessories and other products feature the most trusted brands in the industry, and can accommodate everything from science labs to student accommodation to school kitchens.

Paging and Intercom Systems

In the UK, primary, secondary, and sixth form schools usually rely on paging and intercom systems to swiftly locate students or staff, make announcements, and convey emergency information. Similarly, many colleges and universities utilise emergency paging systems. ADI provides microphones, emergency call stations, area of rescue signs, and related products, enabling school administrations to maintain open communication across the campus.

Solutions to support individuals with physical challenges

Emergency systems play a crucial role in assisting students with physical challenges. Induction loops ensure that hearing-impaired students receive emergency announcements clearly. Disabled refuge systems provide safe areas for mobility-impaired individuals during emergencies. Additionally, emergency pull cords offer a quick means for students with physical disabilities to alert authorities. These systems collectively ensure that all students, regardless of their physical abilities, can effectively respond to emergencies and receive necessary assistance.

Video Surveillance

Ensuring security is a top priority for UK educational institutions and ADI offers a comprehensive range of video surveillance solutions, including body cameras worn by security personnel. These solutions empower administrators to safeguard key areas such as perimeters, hallways, car parks, stadiums, and campus quads effectively. ADI provides a variety of cameras equipped with advanced video analytics and AI features, such as gunshot detection. This allows security personnel to monitor foot traffic, track vehicle license plates, and receive real-time alerts for any suspicious activity.


Every school has private areas where surveillance cameras and video recording devices are not an option. Here, cutting-edge sensors can add the requisite layer of security. ADI offers smart sensors to provide a low-risk, healthier environment by monitoring carbon dioxide (CO2), particulate concentrations, humidity, volatile organic compounds (VOC), and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the air. These multi-sensors provide vape detection, smoke detection, THC detection, and sound detection of abnormalities like gunshots and shouting in areas where a camera cannot be placed. ADI sensors can also be installed to detect chemical spills and hazardous gas leaks in places like laboratories and maintenance closets.

Evacuation Systems

Evacuation systems play a vital role in the safety protocols of the education sector. Voice evacuation systems and public address systems provide clear and concise instructions to students and staff during emergencies. Emergency and exit lights, along with escape route lighting, guide individuals to safety routes, especially in low visibility conditions. Anti-panic lights help to maintain calm and orderly evacuations, ensuring swift and efficient movement during crises. These integrated systems are essential for protecting lives and minimizing risks in educational institutions.

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