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What was the challenge?


The challenge faced by a secondary school was to implement an advanced IP PA System that not only facilitated daily announcements but also addressed critical safety concerns. The primary objective was to incorporate a lockdown button feature, enabling swift communication during emergencies. This feature would allow the broadcasting of urgent messages across the entire school premises, ensuring prompt response and heightened safety protocols. Additionally, the school aimed to enhance student experience by incorporating music playback capabilities during lunch breaks, fostering a relaxed and enjoyable environment conducive to socialisation and learning. Balancing functionality with ease of use and safety considerations presented a multifaceted challenge for the school.

How did ADI help the customer?

ADI played a pivotal role in assisting the installer and end user by providing comprehensive support throughout the installation process. Understanding the critical nature of the project, ADI initiated several site surveys in collaboration with the installer and school staff to meticulously assess requirements and devise an effective solution. Through extensive meetings and consultations, ADI facilitated the selection of Penton UK as the preferred vendor, leveraging their wide range of analogue and IP audio solutions to meet the school's diverse needs. Furthermore, ADI extended their expertise by offering pre-configuration and commissioning services to Elementary Technology, the chosen installer. This strategic partnership not only streamlined the installation process but also saved valuable time and labour costs while ensuring a seamless integration of audio-visual technology. ADI's proactive approach provided Elementary Technology with confidence in their chosen solution, offering peace of mind to their customer throughout their inaugural audio-visual endeavour.

How we built the system?

The AV team employed a systematic approach to build the system for the secondary school, utilising their state-of-the-art on-site pre-configuration room at the EMEA HQ in Oldham. Leveraging this facility, the team meticulously configured all IP devices, ensuring seamless integration and functionality. This involved setting static IP and Gateway parameters, crucial for network connectivity, and scheduling class change timings, a vital aspect of the solution. Additionally, the team configured lockdown scenarios and associated actions for emergency situations and established necessary speaker groupings to create distinct zones within the school. Furthermore, they crafted a user-friendly microphone interface featuring essential paging buttons and actions, ensuring ease of use for school staff. Through meticulous configuration and attention to detail, ADI Global built a robust and tailored system to meet the school's needs diverse needs effectively.

Other services offered?

In addition to providing essential hardware and equipment, ADI Global offered a suite of invaluable services to Elementary Technology, enhancing the overall project experience. This included conducting thorough site surveys to assess requirements and ensure optimal system design. ADI's pre-configuration service proved instrumental, as their AV team configured all IP devices, setting static IP and Gateway parameters, scheduling class change timings, and uploading necessary MP3 files. Moreover, ADI facilitated commissioning visits to oversee the installation process, ensuring successful integration and functionality of the system. By offering these services, ADI Global empowered Elementary Technology to successfully implement the IP audio solution, providing peace of mind and valuable support every step of the way.

What discussions were had with the installer?


Throughout the project collaboration with installer Elementary Technology, ADI Global facilitated a series of crucial discussions aimed at ensuring project success and meeting the school's needs. Initial meetings provided detailed insights into IP Audio technology, empowering Elementary Technology with the knowledge and tools needed for successful project implementation. Subsequent sessions focused on organising site surveys to meticulously assess requirements and design an optimal system tailored to the school's specifications. Continuous communication was maintained through regular meetings to uphold project delivery timelines, effectively addressing any changes or challenges that arose. Moreover, resolution meetings were held promptly to tackle roadblocks or problems encountered by the installer, ensuring smooth progress and timely completion of the project. Through open dialogue and collaboration, ADI and Elementary Technology navigated the complexities of the project, delivering a tailored audio-visual solution to meet all requirements effectively.

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