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Pro AV for Security Installers


In 2023, ADI made a global move to introduce the new category of Pro AV. This category encompasses all products from existing and new suppliers in the field of audio and visual installations. With this introduction, ADI offers an even more comprehensive range of products for existing and potential customers. Given the close relationship between security projects and professional AV solutions, this is a logical step for a distributor that follows the 'one-stop-shop' principle. This is especially true because the demand for Pro AV installations is growing, and the forecast for the future is positive. According to AVIXA (Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association), the demand for Pro AV in EMEA will continue rising by more than 5% over the next five years. The total expected revenue for Pro AV installations and integrations is approximately $57 million USD.


Why is Pro AV important for security installers?


In addition to standalone Pro AV installations, such as large video walls in stores or interactive screens in schools, Pro AV projects are often closely related to security. Consider, for example, PA systems linked to video surveillance systems. When the system is triggered by the cameras, pre-recorded messages can automatically play. This is just one example; Pro AV can also be sold as an addition to an existing project, for instance, by adding interactive screens and a conference system to a proposal for a meeting room. Most integrators already have the necessary installation expertise, but as a distributor, ADI can provide technical knowledge and support during project planning. This allows the end customer to handle everything through one party, and installers can participate in more extensive tenders.


Examples of security installations with Pro AV solutions


In addition to PA systems and speakers, Pro AV includes monitors, interactive screens, or LED walls. Here are some examples of applications that often go hand in hand with security installations:

  • Control rooms
    Extensive video security endeavours often necessitate a centralised control hub, enabling security personnel to monitor, assess, and respond to incoming video feeds. Sizeable video monitors are essential for simultaneously displaying feeds from multiple cameras. Moreover, an integrated PA system with strategically placed speakers within secure zones proves invaluable. It empowers security personnel to broadcast pre-recorded messages or convey vital announcements when needed.
  • Information Screens at Various Locations
    Installing digital display screens to provide information to users throughout a building or at multiple locations is part of Pro AV. Besides the screens themselves, it's also important to consider how content for the screens can be centrally controlled. ADI offers various software solutions for this purpose. This allows your customer to easily and quickly manage all connected screens from one location and share the same information across multiple locations simultaneously. This can be useful for daily updates, news, important messages, and safety information. Information screens for large groups of people can be valuable in various settings, from hospitals to office buildings.
  • Pro AV for Evacuations
    A professional sound system goes beyond entertainment—it can be a crucial tool for safety. Imagine a public building's evacuation scenario: as alarms sound, the system can broadcast clear instructions, guiding people to exits. For instance, a well-coordinated PA system can guide patients and staff during emergencies in a hospital. While not a replacement for fire alarms, it complements safety measures.
  • Interactive Screens in Meeting Rooms
    Modern business environments rely on interactive technology for efficient communication. Interactive screens and Video conference systems facilitate engaging presentations, brainstorming sessions, and collaborations in meeting rooms. These screens can display and annotate content in real-time, making discussions more dynamic. Likewise, schools adopt interactive displays for interactive learning experiences. Instructors can utilise these tools to enhance engagement and understanding.
  • Enhancing Customer Experience in Stores
    Retail spaces today are immersive, aiming for more than just transactions. Flagship stores and malls employ large interactive screens and digital signage to captivate customers. These screens showcase product information, virtual tours, or interactive games, creating memorable experiences. Smaller stores are following suit, recognising the value of these engaging displays. video walls and interactive screens are pivotal elements that shape a store's ambience and attract foot traffic.

Technical Support for Your Pro AV Installations


Whether it's Pro AV projects related to security installations or standalone projects, with the expansion of its product range, ADI also offers additional project support. The team can provide technical advice before the project is launched or during project roll-out. Additionally, we have a team of experts available to answer specific questions about products and various technical solutions.

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