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What is Pro-AV

To understand Pro Av, you first need to understand AV. AV is the abbreviation of audio-visual that relates to the audio and visual components to home entertainment systems. Whereas Pro AV, is the use of Audio or visual installation in commercial spaces that include sound devices, lighting, video conferencing, video screens, building automation and many other commercial audio and visual devices. Pro AV devices are mainly used to communicate, broadcast, interact and advertise within a professional or commercial environment

The Growth of Pro AV


In the wake of the pandemic, classrooms and lecture halls are turning to AV more than ever before, as they utilize cutting-edge AV products such as stereoscopic imagery, visualization, and higher resolution audio-visual devices. Pro-AV technology continues to shape the way we teach, the products continue to grow and become more flexible and innovative to increase learning and performance outcomes while offering a significant revenue stream for Pro-AV installers.


As Pro AV grows within the retail space and incorporates systems into their store-fronts and back-end operations, there are some areas to consider. Loudspeakers seem like the obvious choice when it comes to audio, as retailers are looking to advertise, train new employees and connect with the corporate office through Pro AV systems in a more dynamic way.

Digital signage is starting to lead the way over its static counterpart. Projectors and screens, such as the AAndroid Planar 65” Digital Wall Display, offer retailers the opportunity to connect and market to their customers through large format 4k displays. Retailers can instruct customers, display digital menus and market to them in a timely manner.

Whilst more retailers are turning to Pro AV technology and understand the technicalities that go with their installations and needs, it's important to remember that as a growing market, many retailers will need guidance as they make the transition. Meeting with potential customers and assessing their needs, offering a complete run down from cabling to software to devices, will offer a layer of confidence with the less tech-savvy client.


We have just touched upon some of the sectors that Pro AV has a presence, but Pro AV devices dominate our daily lives. Some in a more obvious way such as the digital menus in restaurants, and others in a not so obvious way like optical technology. Products such as the Planar Lookthru 55” Digital Display offer an indication of the advances in technology, with its transparent display and the dynamic way in which it displays information. The Pro AV market has endless opportunities for both installers and end users.


The corporate space continues to dominate the Pro AV market and accounts for most of the revenue. As end users look to Pro AV solutions and technologies to increase their productivity, they are reaching their workers on mobile platforms such as laptops and tablets.

Conference software allows companies to maintain and even increase their productivity over the traditional conference room setting. This type of flexibility is driving the revolution of connectivity and evolving the way in which we work.

While the need for brick-and-mortar offices still apply to many companies, many Pro AV devices can be found within the traditional conference room setting. From control systems, such as the Praesensa system that allows device and audio routing, input and output streams and an interface to Plena headsets, Pro AV is a firm fixture.

Why choose Pro AV?

A large portion of Pro AVs demand is generated from the need for communication and connectivity within the workspace and education sectors. While commercial can use electronic displays such as ####, to deliver advertisements, web content and graphics. The education sector benefits from Pro AV devices through projector systems and whiteboard recording equipment to help the user better communicate with their audience.

As Pro AV products benefit several industries from hospitality to retail, there is no wonder the Pro AV industry has seen significant growth within the last five years. As a multibillion-pound industry, understanding the future of Pro AV offers installers the knowledge to recommend products and the benefits they carry to various sectors.